On the Road Again!

The Launchfire team is hitting the dusty trail once more! We’re heading to two conferences next month: Financial Services L&D Innovations March 20-21, and Future Digital Finance March 26-27.

Financial Services L&D Innovations

March 20th & 21st in Boston, MA

We’ll be speaking from 1:30-2PM on March 20th about using empathy to get training results. You’ll learn how to approach training empathetically, and answer the question: what’s in it for them?

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Future Digital Finance

March 26th & 27th in Amelia Island, FL

We’re speaking from 11:15-11:25 on March 27th about using empathy to drive digital adoption. What’s in it for customers to make the change to digital? Why should employees promote your new tech? How do you move beyond awareness and actively encourage adoption? We’ll address these questions and more.

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At both shows we’ll be hanging out at our booth with a giant iphone. Stop by to check out our platform, play some fun games, and maybe even win a prize!

For more information or to set up a meeting at either conference, please contact strategy@launchfire.com.

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